3 Numbers You Need To Know In Your Dance Studio

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Let me ask you a question…

How can a Dance Studio Owner consistently attract & enroll new students using special offers like a “Free Trial Class”, or “2 Weeks For $2”?And more importantly, can these free offers attract new students at a profit?

You’ll be relived to know that the answer is “Yes!”, but only if you spend time looking at the numbers and tracking three key metrics (otherwise, you might be giving away free classes for nothing, and we certainly don’t want that!)

I’m sure you can guess the first two key numbers to track the success of your student attraction offer:

How many dancers book a free trial class?
How many dancers attend the free trial class?

Tracking these numbers helps you instantly see if people are interested in showing up to the classes you offer, and how effective your marketing is.But please don’t neglect the most important metric to track:

How many dancers enroll in your studio after the free trial class?

If you’re not turning free trials into paying students, then you’re simply not going to profit from an offer like this. So now the million-dollar question:

What’s the best way to ensure a new student enrolls after they take a free trial class?

How can you make sure they don’t disappear forever after that enticing ‘freebie’ is gone?

In this week’s free video training, I’ll walk you through how to take an inquiry from ANY channel (your website, social media, email, etc), and shows you how to follow-up with new enrollments in a way that makes them grateful to be a part of your studio family.

Over the last several years I’ve developed a proven system to take a potential new student, step-by-step, from enquiry to enrollment, and it’s all written out, step-by-step, in my “11-Step Enrollment Checklist”. No more calls slipping through the cracks, and no more students lost to the studio down the road because they were the ones who replied to the email faster.

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Not only will this training unlock those missing pieces of your enrollment solution, but it also gives you everything you need to delegate your enrollment process to your admin team so that you can spend those valuable hours working on your studio – not glued to the telephone.

So if you’re looking for a done-for-you to turn each and email, phone or text enquiry into enrollments, make sure to watch the training and get your copy of the checklist today.

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