5 Tips To Building Your Dance Studio (on the side)

During the first year of my own dance studio, I was also working another job at a clothing store to help support the business. What I’ve found is that this still happens today – about 25% of our audience is building their business while working another job… and that’s OK.

For me, I wanted to hustle and grow the studio asap with the goal of not needing that other job. Today, I want to help you fast track that process and get you working in and on your studio full time as soon as possible.

And, if you are already working full time in your studio, you’ll still gain a few tips for growing your business from this email.

1. Create a vision board

Sure, it might sound a bit “rah-rah,” but the power of creating a vision board with exactly what you want to achieve in your studio is a powerful daily reminder of what you want and why you want it. I’m not going to lie here – working and building a studio is tough, but it can certainly be done. Look at and connect with each aspect of your vision board daily to remind yourself of exactly what you’re going for.

2. Join a mastermind group

If you read or watch any interview from successful business owners around the world, from Oprah to Richard Branson, they will all share that their success has come from surrounding themselves with like minded people who also want to achieve big things. The truth is, doing it alone is a lonely game and can take much longer and cost a lot more in order to achieve the results you want.

3. Don’t be hating on your day job

Each day you should give gratitude for your day job and think about all the positives. You’ll be surprised that if you simply change your language when it comes to working at your day job that the overall experience will improve. You need that job for now so make it an enjoyable experience for you and those you work with.

4. Have a morning routine and set daily goals

Morning routines ensure you get the most from each day. One of my favourite books on creating morning routines is by my buddy Hal Elrod, The Miracle Morning. The other aspect of this is to have goals you need to achieve daily that contribute to your overall weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Put a sheet of paper up in your house or studio and you can tick them off all day. Believe me, I still get a kick out of ticking my daily goals off the sheet!

5. Have a day off per week

While I’m an advocate for hard work, I’m also an advocate for smart work and time off.  You see, I’ve noticed a pattern over the last 7 years working with studio owners. Those that take at least one day completely off from the studio are the ones who have a thriving business. During those down times is generally when you’ll get your best, most creative ideas so make sure you schedule one day off to step away from the business and clear your mind.

By taking these steps and creating successful habits daily, you’ll be working on your studio full time in no time. Please keep me posted in your progress.

Clint :-)

P.S. Want to know what it takes to create an “A-Team” of teachers and staff in your studio? Listen to my podcast interview with Dee-Ann Turner, the Vice President of Corporate Talent at Chick-fil-A, here.

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