How 3 Days Could Change Everything In Your Studio

What do a couple of 7-figure dance studio owners, a businesswoman who has doubled her students in less than a year, and a dance studio owner who has welcomed 150+ students into her studio in the last 3 months have in common?

The Dance Studio Owners Inner Circle.

Members from all corners of the globe make up the Inner Circle and are treated to two LIVE destination retreats each year. The first for 2017 was a total gamechanger for every single one of them.

Inner Circle members from the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK were faced with one tough choice – gorgeous Hamilton Island, or extravagant Las Vegas for their first retreat of the year, and it’s fair to say that neither destinations disappointed!

Our Northern Hemisphere family in the Inner Circle kicked off the jet-setting first as members pulled into the beautiful Green Valley Ranch where dance studio mentor Clint Salter was eagerly awaiting with that knowing grin and an agenda packed with surprise guest speakers, delicious meals. . . and tickets to Las Vegas’ biggest show of the year.

When the IC family gathered the next morning to officially begin the retreat it didn’t take long for the bonding and laughter to begin as each studio owner was given an opportunity to share their Million Dollar Moments – ideas and strategies that have had the biggest impact on their business over the last 12 months that each other can take on board and implement themselves.

Of course, we would love to tell you in more detail – but what happens in the Inner Circle stays in the Inner Circle (especially in Vegas!)

The first guest speaker welcomed by Clint was the fabulous Sue Sampson-Dalena. Sue is an extraordinary dance studio owner and director of the Dance Studio of Fresno with unparalleled expertise in running hugely successful recreational and competitive dance streams within her business. Her flawless systems and studio culture mean that Sue has achieved what so many studio owners find elusive – 2 separate programs that perfectly compliment each other – and more importantly showed the Inner Circle how they can do the same.

The next guest speaker welcomed into the Inner Circle Vegas retreat was the amazing Terri Hawkins who literally had the Inner Circle on their feet as she lit up the room with her presentation ‘Now and Too Late’ which gave Inner Circle members the tools they need to combat their fear of change in business and life, and how to turn adversity into action.

The electric day finished with dinner and drinks at the amazing Bella Vita, along with fun stories and loads of laughter throughout the night…and that was ONLY Day 1.

Day 2 and Day 3 had some big boots to fill and boy did our speakers deliver! Sue returned to the ‘stage’ to drop more value bombs around how she runs her studio and built it into such a success before welcoming customer experience expert Jason Friedman who absolutely blew our minds with his training on how to create amazing customer experiences inside your studio. Jason generously shared his insights on how to map your customer journey in the business and take things to new levels

To wrap up the Vegas retreat it was such a pleasure to welcome studio owner coach Austin Roberson into the group where he workshopped his training ‘Automate My Studio’ with the Inner Circle’ and covered how to use digital marketing, automation strategies, and technology to automate those tedious tasks in the business and free up more time members to do what they really love.

SEVERAL members took his workshop back home to shave hours off of every day!

Meanwhile, our New Zealand and Australia-based Inner Circle members were impatiently waiting their turn as they packed their swimming costumes and flip flops, and booked those all important spray-tan appointments before flying to dreamy Hamilton Island for their tropical island getaway…oops, we mean business retreat 😉

Clint had a similar look of contained excitement and bag of tricks up his sleeve as he greeted members to the Island and met for pre-retreat drinks the night before the mastermind sessions began.

The IC family once again took turns sharing their million-dollar super-shares which resulted in a LOT of note-taking and brain-picking as the tribe excitedly planned out their own implementation of the most loved ideas before diving into our ‘hotseat’ session.

What’s a hotseat?

I’m glad you asked 😉

This is where every member is given an opportunity to present their #1 challenge in the studio at the moment, and workshop ideas, strategies, and solutions with a room of experienced studio owners. These can be hard at times (tears, hugs and everything in between) but utterly invaluable to draw on the pool of knowledge from such an experienced and generous group of like-minded studio owners. We have also found that since there is an exclusivity zone rule in the Inner Circle (no studio owners within 10 miles of our members are invited to join) there is a new level of sharing as there are no guards up or concerns of competition.

Our guest presenters joined for day 2 and 3 on gorgeous Hamilton Island to deliver the goods! First up we welcomed the phenomenal Karen James who delivered her masterclass, ‘Living Life On Purpose’. Karen knows that in life and business there are many things in life which throw us off our purpose, and during her session, she walked the Inner Circle through a ten step process to empower them to create a life of purpose, on purpose.

Next up we had the pleasure of working with Rob Coorey and his Event Filling Blueprint where the bestselling author went through his step by step blueprint to fill events and online sessions before the event wrapped up with our most popular speaker ever – the incredible Kylie Bartlett.

In her presentation, ‘Socialise Your Dance Studio Enterprise’ Kylie taught the Inner Circle how to take their social media marketing to new levels and sell socially in the digital age. Kylie worked closely with every studio owner in the room to teach them how to adopt the new rules and start building a profitable relationship with their customers and those who influence them.

The Inner Circle retreats energised, motivated and gave every member the power to do amazing things in their business that had been fantasies only days before – and were the biggest events to date both in size and impact.

So how do we top that?

Well….you’ll have to wait and see 😉

If you’d like to join a life-changing group of studio owners and receive personal coaching in a safe and non-competitive tribe, doors to join the Inner Circle are opening on Monday, April 17. We’d love you to join us!

Click here for more information about the Inner Circle.



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