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Meet Aisling, owner and director of Primaballet in Dublin, Ireland. Find out how Aisling has been able to completely step away from teaching classes in her studio to take on the role of CEO all while gaining over 500 new students in just 12 months!

If you’re looking for ways to make your students feel part of your studio family, build a positive and empowering studio environment that you are proud of and your students are proud to recommend, then look no further than Angela’s extraordinary community at “Moore Than Dance” as she shares her tips on bringing magic touches into your business.

Jodi shares her best kept secrets for running a successful dance studio, raising a young family, and having the systems and support that have her loving every moment!

Has running a successful dance studio been a dream of yours for as long as you can remember? Marguerite has been exactly where you are, and has some hot tips up her sleeve that has accelerated the growth of her studio in a matter of months.

Leadership may not come easily for all studio owners, which is why New Zealand’s Dani Miller is here to share her CEO story that has seen her quit her high-paying day job to run Bay Of Plenty Performing Arts full time.

Meet Bec – if you’re a Sydney-based studio owner, You probably already know of Bec as the owner of one of western Sydney’s most successful and rapidly growing studios. What you may not know is that just 18 months ago, Bec was ready to throw in the towel. Find out the surprising twists that turned things around for Bec and her studio.

Annette is a studio owner with a story like so many all over the globe, and after 2 decades of putting her business and other people first, Annette has turned the tables and taken her health and happiness in a new empowering direction. Find out about Annette’s transformation that has given her new light both personally and professionally as a studio owner

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