The Ultimate Social Media Checklist

This month inside the Dance Studio Owners Association, our Social Media experts have generously shared some of their favorite tips and tools for this month’s member’s only guide, so this week we are sharing a sneak peek into our Social Media Success resource that is sure to blow your new-season campaigns out of the water!

In addition to the below checklist, our DSOA members are unlocking:

  • Their customized step-by-step social media strategy
  • How to identify where their audience is and keep them engaged
  • Student conversion – how to connect the dots from social media to enrollment
  • How (and what) to measure to determine their ROI
  • How to integrate social media into other marketing campaigns
  • Understanding the best ways to engage and communicate with customers on social media

PLUS our all-time favorite Social Media timesaving tools!

14 Tips To Simplify Your Social Media Strategy

Virtual & Staff Contractors – Choose the contractors and / or staff who will be responsible for organizing, planning & implementation of your over all social media marketing plan.

Online Project Management Systems – Choose a project management system to use to help with implementation. If you already have one, add in social media marketing as a project along with the people who will be responsible for different tasks. and are great options for Project Management software

Offer & Messaging – Set up your offers and messaging for each social media platform that you choose to work with.

IFG – Focus on your Irresistible Free Gift to help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Calls to Action -Don’t skip the calls to action. Every time you submit a message through social media it needs to have a call to action based on the goal of the message.

Your Point -Never forget why you’re doing this. The point of the whole thing will depend for each campaign, keep referring back to the point to help you develop your messaging.

Prepare Content – Press releases, blog posts, articles, images and more all need to be prepared with each platform and message that you have in mind. You won’t always want to share the same image on Pinterest that you do on Facebook for example, without some modifications.

Optimize Content – Content includes everything mentioned above. Ensure that your titles, the words you use, the benefits you describe, and the pictures you pick relate to your goals, your products, your services and your brand.

Website – Is your website responsive? If not, it’s time to ensure that it is. Responsive design is imperative with social media marketing because most people use their Smartphones to access social media.

Blogs – Can your followers read your blog from any device? Just like it’s important to design your website so that everything on there is responsive and works well, the same goes for your blog.

Newsletters – If you send out a newsletter is it focused, targeted, relevant, and responsive? Does it focus on providing the customer the education they need to make good choices?

Overall Branding – Be consistent with your brand across all social media platforms but also change something up for each social network based on that network’s personality.

Connect – You probably already have people that you can connect with on each social media platform you join. Shoot for about 25 connects/followers/likes etc… to start with and then build on that each week.

Engage – Understand social media etiquette for each network you choose to post on. Be professional, make it about them, and seek to be a resource. The more you make it about them, and building relationships, the better social media will work for your business marketing.

Share – Don’t just share your own work, share other people’s work that is relevant to your industry and audience. Always remember the audience, ask yourself “Is this relevant to my audience?”

Build Expertise & Credibility — Share original content, relevant studies, books, webinars, and more with your audience when related. By adding in your own content and comments about the things you share you will build up your expertise. By sharing only relevant and screened information you build your credibility

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