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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good Throwback Thursday? Make sure to join Clint today for one of our favorite peeks back in time with Dance Studio Owner Mentor, Clint Salter.

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What I thought I would do today is share with you some of the old school ways of marketing that are still working today.

We know there’s a couple of things that are dead. Newspaper advertising, dead. Most flyer campaigns, dead. BUT there’s a couple of things that were working many, many years ago, that are still working today really well. I wanted to share with you those top three things.

Number one is promotional gifts. Let me give you a couple of examples. The first one is, when a new student enrolls, what do you give them? What do you give them when they enroll?

Now if you’re in the DSOA you know that we have the whole pack that we walk you through.

A great example is a T-shirt, or a tank top, or a backpack, or a drink bottle. Something that they can use in all their life. They can take it to school, they can wear it to the mall, the shopping center. They’ll obviously bring it to dance – it is great advertising for you.

It also makes the student feel really, really special. Make sure you’re utilizing that, jump on something like AliExpress. You can order a whole bunch of cool stuff from there. Or go to your local supplier that gives you your promotional gifts, and get onto it.

It’s a great old school way to market, and it makes the customer feel really, really special, which is what we are trying to do.

Tip number two is, what we are finding is working so great with our association members, and it has been working really great over the last two years, is getting involved with your local shopping mall or shopping center.

Setting up a booth or a stall near a place where there’s lots of parents and their kids are going. Supermarkets are really, really great, grocery stores, really great. You don’t want to go to a big high end department stores where there’s lots of clothing shops, they’re not very good.

We’ve tested it out for you, let me tell you.

The places you want to be is where mums are going to buy groceries, buy shopping for the week. There you want to make sure that you set up a visually attractive table or booth where you’ve got some of your senior students there. You don’t have to be there BUT I would encourage you, if it’s your first one, that you’re there.

What you want to do during the days, the weekend, or the week that you’re there (maybe during the holidays) is you want to enroll people into an offer, and then get them to the studio.

Do not give up hope when it comes to shopping centers and malls because they are working so, so well, if you are doing them correctly.

There’s technology there as well – you can use iPads, a whole bunch of cool stuff which we will discuss in our New Student Blitz training.

The third thing, the last thing that I want to share with you today is, build relationships with the local businesses. This is so easy, yet people think it’s so difficult.

I believe its because people are impatient.

People are like, “Clint, I need 100 students today.”


Well, we can get you a lot of students with a really great Facebook ad campaign, it’s going to cost you a little bit of money though… but what you forget is that by nurturing relationships in the right way with other local business owners, you can become the go-to studio in about 12 months time.

I am so serious with this because we’ve seen it with our Association members, and with our members in the inner circle in our Studio Success Formula program.

If you put your attention on strategic partnerships with local business, and going in to give them something before you ask them for something, you’re going to get so much in return. Not only are you going to build your studio but you’re going to form a really great group of local business owners that are going to get and understand you, that you can go to for advice.

Don’t forget about building relationships with those local businesses.

They are my three tips for our Throwback Thursday.

  1. Do promo gifts
  2. Don’t give up on the shopping mall and the shopping center, and
  3. Build relationships with your local businesses.

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