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What makes your studio ‘Uniquely Better’?

By Studio Growth Coach, Kristy Ellis

Owning a business is exhausting. So many different decisions to make, financial stress, keeping ahead of the competition, meeting with dance parents, motivating your team, getting ready for the next event. And that’s just last yesterdays’ to do list!  To the average ‘non dancer’ parent, every dance studio is the same. So, how can we make our studio stand out – what makes our studio ‘uniquely better?’

Recently, I was listening to an Andy Stanley podcast describing what makes his business Uniquely Better. Not just unique, but better. And when you work in an industry that is very competitive but really very similar in most aspects of the business model such as a dance studio, we are always looking for ways to stand out.

So, what is uniquely better?

It is obvious what your product is – customers know what a dance studio is, but your studio is doing this in a different way. Rather than trying to recreate the wheel, you are doing something ‘better’ than your competition.

There are studios that will always do the same thing they have done for years because “that’s the way it’s always been” but it is not the best way. Our studios need to evolve with the current technology, generational differences and we need to learn how to create a product that is better than it was previously.

Uniquely better is often a solution to a problem. A lot of new revenue streams come from seeing a problem and needing a solution. For example, students are not turning up to class dressed correctly because their parents are struggling to find time to go to the dance shop 20 minutes away. Solution: Create a dance shop at your studio.

Think about how you can solve a common problem for dance parents and you are positioned to stand out from your competition. As a leader, we should be open to being presented with a problem. We had a culture at our studio that it was fine to complain, however, we would always ask the question “what would you do to fix this?” Where are the pain points in your studio? Throughout a customers’ journey at your studio, there will be certain pain points that will need addressing. It is our job to create a culture that encourages our team to find what is uniquely better instead of resisting it.  There will always be somebody, meddling with the prevailing model. Is your culture ready to recognise uniquely better, or will it pass you by and leave your studio behind?

Another example on a studio being Uniquely Better is due to their exceptional customer service.  Dance studios are a service based business. Delivering amazing customer service should be at the forefront of every studio. This is what will help your studio to stand out from the rest.

Discovering your niche and what makes your studio uniquely better will propel you ahead of your competition and position you as an industry leader.

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Kristy Ellis is the Founder and Creative Director of UP Agency, a consulting company passionate about creating ​spectacular events and customer experiences. Combining her passion for the performing arts together with qualifications and experience in Business and Event management, UP Agency is fast becoming a highly sought after end-to-end event company.  

At the age of 20, Kristy founded her first dance studio, which quickly grew to a successful multi-location performing arts studio. During this time, ​she gained extensive experience, qualifications and training as a dance teacher, choreographer, design & importing textiles and company director. Kristy is passionate about the performing arts industry working together to help in each others’ success and is a studio growth coach with Dance Studio Owners Association with a focus on improving sales and customer experience through implementing systems, strategies, websites and social media to help studio owners gain more work-life balance.




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