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Pinterest for business

With so many apps available to use in your studio, it is hard to know which ones to focus on. Facebook and Instagram are the obvious choices but have you thought about Pinterest? It is a visual platform that offers a user experience the other platforms don’t.

200 million people use Pinterest every month, with over 80% female,

including 52% of US millennials

Not only does Pinterest drive users – known as ‘pinners’ – to your website, More than 87 percent of Pinterest users have bought a product because of the site.  The app looks like a digital scrapbook. It offers pinners the chance to save photos from websites to specific boards then sends them directly to the website.

Studios can set up a free business profile, which will allow users to understand your business and follow your business or individual boards. Having a business profile gives you access to analytics, which can be used in your strategic marketing plans.

“People come to Pinterest looking for ideas to discover, save and do. Your Pins help our audience understand what your brand stands for and how it can fit into their lives.” Pinterest Business

Once you have your business profile set up, you can add public or private boards, giving them a catchy name and short description that is relatable to your brand. Be creative, but also ensure you use keywords that are consistent with your marketing strategy.

An example of how to use Pinterest effectively:

Someone pins your latest blog post on their Pinterest profile. Then 10 additional people repin that content, and the sharing & repinning can continue indefinitely.


Pinterest recommends that you Pin something at least once per day. Consistency is key – if you’re going to post a lot over the course of a week, divide them up and post several per day rather than posting them all at once.

If you’re creating Pins to coincide with an upcoming holiday, season, or event, you should start posting them about 45 days in advance.

Just like Instagram, Pinterest is a visual platform and high-quality images are vital. Ensure your text is also eye-catching and clearly explains what is in the photo. Be creative and unique.

Content and SEO go hand in hand regardless of the platform. Pinterest is no exception.

HubSpot outlines 10 fantastic tips for optimizing a business’s Pinterest presence for the search that include:

  • Choose an optimized company username
  • Optimize the “About” section
  • Include links back to your website
  • Differentiate your inboards
  • Speak your customers’ language
  • Use your pins’ descriptions wisely
  • Make sure the images you pin have descriptive file names and alt text
  • Incorporate hashtags
  • Leverage the long tail
  • “Pinjack” relevant search terms and images

Do what it takes to ensure that your pins are findable, and include a reference link back to your website to drive traffic.

How to use Pinterest for your Dance Studio?

Leverage images on your website by adding a Pin It button. Visitors can pin parts of your website, which will be saved on their preferred Pinterest board. This pin will link them straight back to your website.

By creating a group board, you can encourage your staff and contractors to also save pins. It is a great way to increase engagement and add some fun to the studio.


Promote each style your studio offers by linking photos to your website classes page.


If your studio offers parties, you could create a board that showcases the parties at your studio. Another idea is to have a party inspiration board that could help parents create their own dance party.

Costume ideas

Create a sense of excitement by pinning costume and recital ideas to your Pinterest page. You are sure to get a lot of engagement from parents on this and it will be a bit of a teaser heading into recital time.


Have a board for your dancers. Pin inspirational quotes and photos.

Secret boards

By creating a secret board that only you and your chosen followers can see is a great way to share ideas without having them made public.

Event Highlights

Showcase the events at your studio, such as recitals or open day by choosing your favourite pictures and linking them back to your website.





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