The Dance Studio Sales Machine

Becoming a ‘salesperson’ for your studio can be a hard mindset to jump into, and can be even more challenging to hand this over to other staff members if you don’t have a clear sales process in place.

Inside the Dance Studio Owners Inner Circle, members have been seeing some truly epic sales results from the IC Sales System – so we wanted to share an inside peek into this exclusive resource that can help you increase your profits without the ‘yucky’ feeling that so often comes with selling your offerings. 

Members have full access to this 11-page system and word-for-word scripts that includes:

  • How to create a great sales introduction for your studio’s offering
  • Asking the right sales questions to potential dancers and their families
  • Sales techniques to help you gain confidence and clarity
  • How to overcome objections
  • Sample phone scripts and followups to secure the sale

Your Dance Studio Sales Sneak Peek…

How to create a great sales introduction for your studio’s offerings

Your studio’s sales introduction is simply where you should be grabbing your potential student’s or their parents attention and making them want to hear more about what you have to offer.

This will typically happen over the phone, email, messenger, livechat or in person once they have taken notice of your current marketing campaign. It also happens at events like market stalls or live performances where you get that special face-to-face time in your community.

Put simply, you want to take hold of their attention and to move smoothly to the next stage of the sales process.

Asking The Right Questions

The sales questioning stage is where you find out the needs, wants, and desires, of your potential student and their families.

There are three things to remember at this stage of the sale:

  1. You must have a structure to your questioning.
  2. Make the questions stage as briefly as possible.
  3. Questioning should be interactive.

You want to learn as much relevant information as possible that will help you to enroll that student!

Sales Tip #1 – Highlight what is important to the customer

When the potential customer answered your sales questions in the previous stage they will have given you an insight into what is most important to them first.

If you asked them an open question and they responded by talking with you about price, class times, their goals as a dancer etc, you will know that these are important to them.

Sales Tip #2 – Benefits, NOT features

A feature is just something that your studio has or does.

The benefits are what the dancer gains from the features.

Here’s an easy example: The safety features of a new car, such as seatbelts and air bags, are the features. People do not buy cars because they want seat belts and air bags. They buy cars with safety features because they want the benefits that these features will give them and their families. They want to know that they will be safe.

Present the benefits that your studio offers that meet the needs of the student (psst…you found these out in the questions stage, so here is where to use them!)

Overcoming Sales Objections

Overcoming sales objections is a stage of the sales process that you use at any time during the sale to overcome obstacles and get the meeting with your customer back on track and focused on the benefits of your studio

It’s important here also that you don’t put words in their mouth – you may feel tempted to say “Oh yes, I understand that this can seem so overwhelming and huge, and the last thing we want is to add any stress to tried or cranky children” which conjures 5 new negative feelings around it. Even though you’re empathizing, it’s key that you reframe their concerns – don’t recreate them.

Conversations like this can happen at any time before a trial class, following the trial class or upfront in an online enquiry. Always remember your goal is to enrol that student – eg: you don’t always need to offer a free trial if it isn’t the offer that they have approached you for.

Turning your team into a sales-machine won’t happen overnight, but once you have laid out this framework and provided all of the tools to help them confidently sell your products and services you are going to see some very real results in the studio.

To receive full access to the complete Dance Studio Owners Inner Circle sales training, scripts and processes, you can find out more and apply here. We’d love to have you with us!





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