"Flip It" This Throwback Thursday – With Jane Grech


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In today’s bite-sized podcast, Studio Growth Coach Jane Grech   
shares her powerful tips on “flipping it” when things start to get on top of you in the studio.

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I wanted to chat to you today about an idea that we call “flipping it” in my studio, because we’ve realized that everything has two sides.

One of the best things, sometimes, we can do, is flip the way we look at something.

I’m one of those annoyingly positive people, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t have my down days, because I definitely do. And sometimes heading to the negative, but when I can feel myself going there, or looking at a particular challenge or problem, I try as much as possible to flip it, and look if there are other less obvious solutions to what I’m trying to do.

And I had a great example of this last week.

It’s not even anything that happened to me, but I have two neighboring properties to my dance studio here in Adelaide, South Australia. And I have a very big studio, and so car parking can be a little bit of an issue sometimes. I’m betting there’s a whole lot of dance studio owner’s that are nodding, and you know how it is.

They come in waves.

It’s a little chaotic for about five minutes, and then it dissipates. Although, in the mornings, we do have three preschool programs run every morning and because they’re only half an hour, the parents generally stay.

Now, the reason I’m telling you this story is that on one side of me, I have a hairdresser and sometimes we might kind of overflow into their car park, and she’s starting to get a little bit annoyed.

Now, I can understand that.

I can see where she’s coming from. But at the same time, I really desperately want to encourage her to flip the way she looks at this problem.

The way she looks at this challenge, because me, looking at that as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, I’d be looking at it saying, “Wow, I’ve got this business that brings moms once a week, right into my car park, for half an hour at a time.I don’t even have to pay for this advertising. They’re literally coming to my doorstep in a regular way.”

To me, that is a brilliant opportunity.

So instead of complaining about my clients filling her car parks every now and then, why not come with some kind of deal, and say, “Okay! Your preschool classes are half an hour. What about if I set up one of my junior assistants and she can do 20 minute wash and blow dries.” She can get a couple in there and really … I’d be over there!

For the mornings that things haven’t gone very well or if I was heading out for dinner or if I was doing a video!

That might not be what she wants to do for her business, but my point is that every problem, every challenge, if you look creatively, if you work at flipping it around, can have a solution.

I do a lot of work on mindset, mostly my own mindset, but I do like to try and share the information that I find, and I found the more that I work on my mindset, the more that I work to be in a positive space, to work creatively, the better work that I end up doing because there is a certain spiral of negatively that you can get into.

And often, it’s when we’re tired.

Don’t misunderstand me – there’s no judgment here. Like I said at the beginning, I get tired, too. I find myself spiraling down. Just use those kind of things that you do as a warning sign, to take a moment, take a breath.

For me, when I feel that, I know I need to get back out into the fresh air.

So I go and sit outside and have my lunch or I make sure that I get up early the next morning and take my walk, if I’ve missed it for a couple of mornings.

And do what I need to do to flip my mindset to get back in the game.

Hopefully, you can look at some of the challenges that you’re being presented with, with a new, positive frame set as well, and work to flip it!

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