12 months of success in your studio…in just 90 days

Can you imagine what your studio would look like if you achieved 12 months’ work every 90 days?

Perhaps you already have a solid system for business planning every year, but chances are that setting real goals and dedicating time to putting plans into place for your studio are rushed, become ‘ongoing’, overlooked or pushed down your list of priorities when life starts getting in the way.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you and your business to commit to writing a very real and very achievable 90 day plan.

Put simply, great planning – though it may not be the ‘sexiest’ part of being a business owner – is what will get you to the profitable and sustainable business you pictured when you first opened your doors, and here’s why:

1/ When you set yourself a written goal and review it regularly, you program your brain to be on the lookout for opportunities that will progress you towards the goal. Without the written goal, your brain is not programmed to get you to your destination.

Like anything in your studio, however, planning can (and will) go pear-shaped very quickly if you’re not approaching it in the right ways for you. This happens so often for studio owners and their teams who may fall into the traps of thinking too big, too small, or by trying to do too many things all at once.

2/ Putting yourself ‘out there’ despite fear of failure or the unknown is what will set you apart.

Every failure is just discovering a way your plan doesn’t work, so learn the lesson and then try the net strategy. If you’re failing often, it means you are taking actions that the dance studio up the road is not doing, and you’re gonna get so much further ahead

3/ Setting realistic and achievable goals personally and professionally is the best way to overcome the ‘overwhelm’ that keeps you up until all hours of the night, and working 60+ hours per week without feeling like you’ve achieved anything.

Once you have set your goals and put them into a plan (with deadlines) that you look at every single day, the final and most important piece of the puzzle is to…


If you’re ready to set the right goals and take the right action, I’d love you to join me for Dance Studio Recharge – the only free training course specifically for studio owners where we will dig in deep and make sure the goals you are setting are right for you, PLUS set a plan in place to knock them out of the park.

Our hand-picked team of experts and studio growth coaches will also be providing you current and never-before seen training on:

  • Setting Yourself Up To Win – The exact formula I use personally, and will have you achieving (and exceeding) your goals in less than half the time
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  • Like A #Boss – Together we will be bridging the gap between dance teacher and dance studio CEO
  • Students Who Stick – My best-kept secrets for retaining loyal families in your studio for life

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