Your Studio's Magic Number

Nearly every studio owner I speak with daily has a ‘magic number’ in their mind – the number of students they want enrolled in their studio by the end of the month, season or year.

Maybe it’s 50.
Maybe it’s 100.
Maybe it’s 1000.

There is no right or wrong ‘magic number’, but there is something wrong if you think you will get there with…well…magic.

Reaching this goal number takes a lot of work – but what if I told you this wasn’t necessarily hard work, but smart work instead? That’s right – you don’t need to be working 24/7 to achieve that goal (in fact, working 24/7 will probably take you further away from achieving that, but burnout is an email for another day).

In our upcoming FREE training ‘Dance Studio Recharge’, we will be in your corner with thousands of studio owners across the globe as you prepare to welcome your next 100 students.

And it’s not going to take a year – in fact, you’ll be surprised by how many students come knocking at your doors when you master:

Your studio marketing plan

Too many dance studio owners don’t start with a plan in place when they start marketing their business, so we have created the perfect system for you to create and execute a sustainable marketing campaign.

Your student attraction toolbox

Yes, we are taking over your website, we are tweaking the words you’re using to engage potential customers, we are visiting your open days and we are your checking out your branding to make sure that you are attracting the right students (no, you don’t need just anyone and everyone signing up for class, I promise) at the right time and in the right ways.

Your follow-through
The fortune is in the follow through, so if you are ready to stop student enquiries, bring-a-friend attendees and trial dancers falling through the cracks, then getting your team on board to follow up properly has never been more simple and systemized.

Your social media strategy

Social Media isn’t going away – and even if you don’t consider yourself particularly ‘tech-savvy’, it is now easier than ever to engage and enroll new students through social media. Learn what platforms you should be on and how to use them effectively to make it a no-brainer for local dancers and their families to choose you.

Speaking of no-brainers, if you’d like to join me for my never-before-seen training exclusively for Dance Studio Owners just like you, make sure to click here and download your free One Page Student Attraction Checklist.

Oh, and you better get those welcome-packs ready for your next 100 students – they’ll be knocking on your doors in less than 2 weeks 🙂



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