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Welcome to Season 2, Episode #4 of our popular podcast series, “At The Barre” with your special guest hosts and successful studio owners , Jane Grech and Melanie Gard.

The only podcast for dance studio owners, by dance studio owners.

Jane Grech and Melanie Gard both run successful dance studios of their own, while also raising families and navigating the ups, downs and inbetweens of being a business owner – and they have a whole lot of fun along the way!

Jane and Melanie share a unique insight into the world of the dance studio owner, and each week will dive into the very real issues, challenges and changes that are facing the business owners and teachers in our industry every day.

Today’s Podcast

Today’s episode is all about saving your time and money (not to mention your sanity) by sharing the tried-and-true tech musts for dance studio owners, and dive into what they can do for you.

Mel and Jane reminisce on their early days as studio owners before there were apps, websites and mass-email, where ‘postage stamp’ budgets were a necessity; paper flyers were the ‘lead-magnets’ of the day; and taking phone enquiries on your land-line was the only way customers were connecting with you.

“Things have moved along quite a lot. I got my first website through a community program, and it cost me $99 to build it myself, very proudly. I remember that from the schools around me, none of them had a website. And all of a sudden I started getting quite a few inquiries because I had a website. That carried me pretty quickly that being ahead of the game on the technology front, which certainly is an advantage to your business.” – Melanie Gard

In this very real and insightful chat (no tech-jargon here) Jane and Mel discuss:

  • Website hosting that does and doesn’t work for them
  • How they use Facebook to promote their businesses and increase brand awareness
  • Project Management and delegating tasks using online software
  • Documenting systems simply and effectively
  • Dance Studio Software and CRM recommendations

Our hosts also discuss their favourite smart phone apps that help with everything from time tracking to meditation; from travel bookings to creating online forms!

“I just think if you’re not using online forms then you are not working as smartly as you could be. You’re working too hard.” – Jane Grech

Resource List

In this episode we talked about a tonne of software, apps and recommendations. You can check out any of the mentioned service providers below:

Website Hosting and Development

Project Management & Systemisation Software

Studio Software


Mobile Apps

About Your Hosts

Jane Grech is the co-founder and Creative Director of the JG Creative Company, an Australian company dedicated to the development and provision of high quality services to Dance and Education. Her businesses include Jane Grech Dance Centre, Pirouettes Dancewear, Dance Studio Success and DanceStep Student Teacher Training.

Embracing opportunities to encourage and support other dance studio owners Jane works as a Leadership and Studio Growth Coach with Dance Studio Owners Association.

An author and speaker on the topics of dance education, entrepreneurship and leadership, Jane is passionate about engaging, motivating and inspiring others. Jane is a regular contributor to Dance Informa Magazine, Dance Studio Owners Association and her own blog Dance Studio Success.

Jane has three children and runs JG Creative with her husband, Brian. She is a passionate campaigner for cultivating a joy filled life.

Melanie Gard is Director of Peninsula School of Dance a dance studio located on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia. She is Mum to 3 children, wife to dance-dad extraordinnaire Robbie, and a lover of the beach and good coffee.

Melanie Gard is a passionate dance educator and has grown her school from a small ballet school running in a community hall, which she purchased in 2006, to a vibrant dance and performing arts studio that caters for over 450 students each week. Melanie leads her teaching and administration team with passion and a huge determination to ensure the studio remains at the forefront of dance education.

Melanie is a respected Licentiate with Cecchetti Ballet Australia, holder of a Cert IV in Dance Teaching & Management and has a Bach of Arts in Disability Studies (Deakin University) and is an affiliate member of Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD).

I have lead PSD students and staff over the last 10 years and I am incredibly proud of the many great achievements inside and outside of the dance studio. Whilst these achievements are wonderful they are not certainly not our only definition of success. As a Director, I am most proud of the kids that have struggled with confidence, faced learning challenges, suffered with anxiety, felt shy or even been bullied at school. I am proud of those kids more than anything, for getting in and having a go and being the best versions of themselves. Time and time again I have conversations with parents who tell me “dance is his/her happy place”. I am so proud of the nurturing culture at PSD and it is this in which I will continue to invest the most energy in.” – Miss Mel

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