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Confetti Five To THRIVE 

Welcome to our brand new 8-week series, ‘Confetti Five To THRIVE’ – with Confetti On The Dancerfloor!


In this week’s episode of ‘Confetti, Five To THRIVE’ we will be sharing the top five things you can be doing in your studio to make you even better in the studio for your season ahead.  

The number one thing that you can do for yourself and your business this Summer is to take a vacation. Which should be easy, right. But for so many studio owners and dance teachers, we tend to put everyone else’s needs above our own. And we feel like the studio owns us most of the time, so in order to take a vacation, you have to plan one and you have to make a promise to yourself that you’re going to unplug and disconnect.

It’s self care to improve your mental health so that you can stay thriving and your studio environment. Even if you can’t go out of town, plan a staycation or just stay home and enjoy your home, and enjoy your family. Make sure to set the tone for your studio and let everyone know that the studio’s closing for a week, and encourage your staff to take some time off too.

Next, it is time to refresh your studio. This should also be an easy one, but a lot of times we get so busy that we simply don’t want to do it.  Try to add a little something fresh and new to your decor just to change things up a little bit, and every couple of years your walls and baseboards probably need some serious attention. It just feels so good to do away with the old and start fresh in the new year!

Number three on your Summer to-do list is to refresh your curriculum. It’s important to evaluate your curriculum from time to time and how things are going from a teaching and training perspective. Obviously doing a major overhaul on your curriculum is a really big project, but each year you can focus on one genre, or one age group a time. How are the students doing in this group? How are they progressing? Make sure to discuss this with our staff and always plan on upping your game on some of the areas that need work.

Next, it’s the perfect opportunity to plan your staff kickoff. Before you know it, your summer is going to be coming to an end and you’re going to be frantically trying to coordinate staff meetings and all those last minute tasks that you need to get done prior to starting the new year. Rather than waiting for all the crazy, go ahead and plan a staff kickoff now go ahead and pick a date and let your staff know that this is a mandatory event for them to attend. It’s important to strive for a cohesive faculty and your staff kickoff is really where it all begins.

The fifth and final thing to add to your Summer checklist is your “Bo Better” doc. This is an absolute game-changer when it comes to systemizing and improving your business so you can continue to grow and thrive.

To discover the step-by-step ‘Do Better’ doc template and more tips to make the most of your Summer, make sure to check out this week’s episode of Transform My Dance Studio’s newest series; ‘Confetti Five To THRIVE!’ right here on our website:  

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