Taking It Back To The Old School

Direct Mail Marketing Is Dead, Right?


Believe it or not, in today’s marketing climate direct mail is seeing some really surprising results for service-based industries, which is super exciting because very few studios are doing it well (ie – here’s your chance to really stand out) and it’s a bit nostalgic at the same time.

Now, the thing is, a traditional flyer box drop generally doesn’t work anymore. But there are new and innovative ways to do a flyer box drop that are high effective. The strategy here is all about working out where the majority of your studio’s clientele is located, really targeting those specific areas, and running a full week campaign around that.

A direct mail campaign certainly does still work but not in the old school way.

You’ve got to do the 2018 way of direct mail.

  • Use specially designed envelopes to match your studio’s branding for a professional look.
  • Be careful not to make the design too busy, or people will know it’s an ad and toss it in the trash, so your best bet is to get a professional graphic designer on the task – whether it’s an invite to your latest event or a newsletter with a coupon attached.
  • Direct mail is a little more personal than an email because it shows extra time was taken to write and deliver it.
  • It also has a better chance of being seen, as people are less likely to receive very much snail mail compared to the truckload of spam email they get every day.
  • People also tend to keep things they receive in the mail for reference, giving direct mail a longer shelf life.
  • Promotional products are another excellent inclusion in your direct mail, to get customers to form an emotional connection with your studio. Think bumper stickers, magnets, custom post-it notes, etc.
  • Before you design your items, make sure you have a great logo to put on them.
  • You can double-up here and also make them available to distribute at your studio and take them to community events for people to pick up.
  • You could also work with strategic partners to see if they would give out some of your items if you return the favour for them.

Try it!!

As long as you’re thinking outside-the-box with your direct mail offerings, you won’t regret it!

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